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About SAB Medical Aid

SAB Medical Aid is a closed medical scheme which is exclusively available to employees of South African Breweries, ABI and SABMiller plc Group subsidiaries in South Africa, retirees and their families. The Scheme aims to provide excellent benefits to meet its members’ healthcare needs at the most affordable price. In addition, we provide our members with a unique wellness offering, which encourages health awareness and provides peace of mind through preventative care and early detection.

Service Providers

Service Provider

Members can elect or choose to see any Specialist of their choice, subject to the applicable limits.

For the Essential Option members, you will need to be referred by a General Practitioner (GP) before you see a specialist. These claims will pay up to the scheme rate and is subject to a yearly limit.

General Practitioner

Members can elect or choose to see any GP of their choice subject to the applicable limits.

If there are no General Practitioner within a reasonable distance of your work or home, please contact us on 0860 002 133 for assistance with alternative options.

Pharmacy Network Provider

Medicines should be obtained from the SABMAS Pharmacy Network to avoid co-payments. To find a Network Pharmacy, please click here.

Use a pharmacy network for both your acute and chronic medicine, for the Essential and Comprehensive Options, to avoid the additional 20% co-payment.


For 2024, members are welcome to utilise accredited any accredited providers of their choice for optical services subject to benefit availability.