l Cancer and HIV



If a test confirms that you are HIV positive, you or your Healthcare Provider must register you with the Aid for AIDS programme as soon as possible. Our skilled, professional consultants respect your right to privacy and will help you get access to clinically sound and cost-effective treatment for your individual needs. Please be assured that we treat each case with complete confidentiality.

To register please contact Aid for AIDS:

Benefits of the HIV Program

  • Medicine to treat HIV* and vitamins for the immune system
  • Regular monitoring of the condition
  • Monitoring of the patient’s response to therapy and tests to pick up-side effects
  • Continued patient support through dedicated counsellors
  • Assistance in finding a registered counsellor for emotional support.

* This includes medicine to prevent mother-to-child transmission and infection after sexual assault or needle-stick injury.

Members will also have access to pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis.