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Cancer Treatment

Contact SAB Medical Aid as soon as you have been diagnosed with cancer to be registered onto the Oncology Programme to optimise your cancer treatment benefits. Our Oncology Programme manages and mitigates the high cost of cancer treatment and drug therapy. 

Benefits of the Oncology Programme:

  • Cover for approved cancer-related treatment, both in- and out-of-hospital. Essential Option subject to Overall Annual Limit.
  • Cover for pathology, radiology, medicine and other cancer-related treatment.
  • Access to donor searches for bone marrow transplants.

Any cancer-related treatment that falls within the Prescribed Minimum Benefits is always covered in full, with no co-payment if you use Network Providers with whom we have an agreement.

Oncology Programme Registration

It is essential that you register on the Oncology Programme. You or your treating doctor can register you for the Oncology Programme by contacting the Oncology team in one of the following ways (Please note, we will need a copy of your histology or pathology report):

Call 0860 002 133

Email oncology@sabmas.co.za.

Fax: 010 593 2074

We will need a copy of your histology or pathology report.

Important Information